The [NAVIGATOR] LED Streetlight was designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate while providing years of reliable service. Designed with a sleek modern profile, the [NAVIGATOR] is available in a range of optics and wattages. A unique two-piece design allows this fitting to be completely separated into a light-weight mounting piece and a main body for easy one-person installation.

Available in a range of different sizes and wattages, the [PATHFINDER] is powered by a solar panel and is ideal for virtually any industrial, mining and commercial environment. To ensure efficient operation, a motion sensor allows the [PATHFINDER] to decrease light to 30% until movement is detected.

Two-piece body allowing for easy installation

Customisable optics for road and pathway lighting

Auto-electrical disconnection to ensure safety

Suitable for use in all environments with IP66 & IK09 ratings

Intelligent integrated motion and light sensors to ensure uninterrupted operation

Efficient all-in-one design aiding in transport, storage & installation

Fully off-grid system powered by in-built solar panel

High-output LEDs to ensure maximum coverage

Teknik Lighting solutions 2019